Dodgers Notes

Throwing a 20 year old over Kazmir in the post season was kind of boneheaded. Regardless of that guys stuff and Kazmir’s struggles at the time, Kazmir has pitched in the World Series before…he had the experience that would have made a difference, might have put you in the World Series actually.

When it comes to the Dodgers, I’m mainly a Kaz specialist. He requires a lot of mental tweaking to optimize, but he’s worth it if you do it right.

More to come.

Top 10 Pitchers

1. Jake Arrieta
Why? His stuff, but mainly his mentality.

2. Clayton Kershaw
Why? His numbers.

3. David Price
Why? Because I don’t think he has peaked yet. Much like J Upton, he still has untapped potential.

4. Madison Bumgardner
Why? No explanation needed.

5. Max Scherzer
Why? His numbers and his personality. I’ve been in a club with the guy, total nerd, which is what you want.

6. Chris Sale
Why? His stuff is electric.

7. Justin Verlander
Why? Because he would be much higher if his sights were off his hot wife.

8. Stephen Strasburg
Why? Because he would be much higher if he wasn’t coddled so much.

9. Chris Archer
Why? His curveball, mentality and overall explosiveness.

10. Noah Syndergaard