Mets Notes

Clearly goal #1 is to keep Yeonis Cespedes if you can.

Outfield: Granderson in center and Bruce in right are both solid locks. Ideally Cespedes in left, if not, Conforto would be alright, not optimal though.

Infield: Dave should be alright at 3rd. Personally, I like Reyes at short over Cabrera if he can play at the level he is capable of. Neil Walker is an obvious lock at second and Duda will do just fine at first. Kelly is a good utility guy because of his speed, so I’d keep him on the roster.

Catcher: This is the iffy position. Travis can’t come out and have the same season he had last year. He needs to be in the cage all offseason working on his hand wrapping motion, and fixing it. If it isn’t looking promising, then you may need to replace him, because as I said, you can’t have the same performance out of him again.

Starting Pitching: The starting 5 is stacked. Syndergaard, DeGrom, Matz, Harvey and Wheeler should be the top 5 in my eyes.

Relief Pitching: Closer is solid, obviously. Other than that the rest of the guys look alright, maybe add one more guy but it’s not the most pressing issue.


In summary, they need to keep Cespedes if they can. If they can’t, I’d first look to replace D’Arnaud before I replaced Conforto. Conforto can be the guy, if you give him an everyday role, but it’s not a lock. So, in order.

1. Keep Cespedes.

2. If you don’t, first replace D’Arnaud.

3. Replace Conforto after getting a catcher.

4. Add some bullpen depth.

That’s it, as long as they stay healthy this is definitely a winning team.