Boston Red Sox Notes


Today’s lineup in the other game proves once again why Moreland should not bat in that slot in the lineup.

I like the idea behind todays lineup. DH Young and bat him third to see if he steps up to the challenge…good idea. Sucks he didn’t step up.

Today (march 23rd) is a perfect example of why that lineup works. 7 hits from the batter in front of Benintendi and the two behind him. The obvious change is switching Pablo and Moreland. I’m sure it’ll take time to realize you’re wrong like it always does, but this lineup will be better with Moreland out. If you insist on keeping him in, definitely switch him and Pablo, that should be jumping off the page when you look at todays box score. You would have scored even more with Pablo where Moreland is.

This is a winning lineup, performances speak through them.

Tell Jackie Bradley to relax a little bit when he’s hitting.

I see Moreland is #1 in the depth chart. I agree that he is a good player, and a good hitter. I just don’t think he fits into the lineup properly. With all of the other players in the lineup, .233 with 22 HR isn’t that big of a need. The .233 and his lack of speed is why I’m saying this. Try it, it could work, but if you aren’t winning I recommend going with Young. .276 with 9 HR AND speed would be more beneficial at the bottom of the lineup (where Moreland would be anyways), and the bottom of the lineup already has two lefties if you do it right (Bradley and Leon). Once again, not knocking Moreland at all, just not sure he’s the best fit in the lineup.

Why isn’t Castillo in there? I’d take him over Holt all day.

You notice how the two guys behind Benintendi had 5 hits when he’s batting 2nd. As well as Benintendi having a hit himself. (March 19th)

You notice how a lot of people got hits when Benintendi was batting second, including himself, right? Then you go and change it the next two games and everyone hits terribly. When will you stick with it?

UPDATE: The Lineup
I read the article on batting Benintendi 3rd, and here is my response in the form of the current ideal lineup.
Pedroia R <- If he struggles you move Bogaerts up, and switch their slots.
Benintendi L Might set the tone better and be a bigger fan draw batting leadoff.
Betts R <- You dont move him because he crushed it there last season, and you want him to keep that same confidence
Hanley R
Pablo L/R
Bogaerts R
Bradley L
Leon L/R
Castillo/Young/Hernandez DH

This solves the righty/lefty problem. I’m going to lose my shit if Betts doesn’t bat third.

The article seemed to leave out Pablo as an impact player, one year off doesn’t mean he isn’t Pablo…I could see him at 4th if Hanley struggles.

Most managers these days would move Bogaerts down to 8th or 9th if he’s not one or two. This concept is garbage. Speed at the bottom is trumped by high average needing to be in the core.

My current placement of Pablo is on a gut feeling that he’s going to do well. If not, his slot is easily (and some would argue more optimally) replaced with Bradley.

A quick note about Sandy Leon. If a guy is ever batting .380 like he was last year, you put him in the top 6 no matter what.

Now to the big question…DH
From the look of it, it appears Castillo is the front runner right now. Whoever it is has to have speed, at least slightly above average speed, since it appears they’re going to be batting 9th. Marco Hernandez appears to be an option. I know Chris Young, and my personal assessment is that he doesn’t make an impact unless he’s playing everyday. His ego is too big to be a bench player, no matter how much he tries to hide it. So putting him there, and letting him know it’s his spot (not just seeing how it works out), has a agood chance of paying off if he steps up to the role like he’s capable of doing. This would also take care of needing speed at DH with the above lineup. Moreland is too slow to DH in the current configuration, but there is an option to include him.

You could DH Pablo, put Hanley at 3rd and put Moreland at first. So you’re basically looking at either a power focused lineup (Moreland at 1st) or a speed balanced lineup (Castillo, Young, Hernandez) at DH. Castillo currently looks like the safest bet, Young has the possibility to pay off more if you play to his ego, and Hernandez would be the third option.

If you go the Moreland route, the lineup would be…
Pedroia R
Benintendi L
Betts R
Hanley R
Pablo L/R
Bogaerts R
Bradley L
Leon L/R
Moreland L

My first thought is that this is a less effective lineup. Leon then Moreland at 8 and 9 isn’t good. You don’t move Bogaerts down because his average is too good, nor do you move Bradley down. So basically I wouldn’t go with this one.

These lineups have been with the idea that Pedroia has to bat leadoff, which I don’t think is true. The only reason to put him there right now is because he’s a veteran who will make the pitcher go deep into a count to start the game off. That’s what I see as his perk at leadoff.

Here is the lineup I think is actually the best.

Your #1 infield utility guy is Hernandez. #2 is Rutledge.

Your #1 outfield utility guy is Young. #2 is probably Selsky. For some reason I’m not a big fan of Brock Holt, I think he played entirely too much last year.

(Note): I am not paid by the Red Sox, so if you like this analysis, feel free to get in touch.

p.s. And if they don’t pay me this year, I’m sure they’ll just shit the bed in playoffs like they did last year.
—————————Older Stuff————————————
I think the Red Sox have two issues. The first is replacing Papi, and the second is managerial.

For the last two months of the season, the Red Sox were on a roll, they had a double digit win streak. The key to this streak was their lineup, so why a manager suddenly decided to change it come postseason…blows my mind. No offense John Farrell, but that move made me think you aren’t right for the job.

I never thought much of Brock Holt, and still don’t, so batting him second for the postseason, and swtching up an unbeatable lineup (the one they streaked with) is kind of unforgivable in my mind. The point is, whoever made that call to change that perfect lineup needs to either be sat down and have a stern talk, or needs to be fired. It simply shows that whoever made that decision doesn’t know what they’re doing.

The next issue is replacing DH, and Yeonis Cespedes seems like a perfect candidate, if you have the money for him. If not, Encarnacion would do fine as well.

And yes, David Price could have pitched much better in the postseason. However, the series still could have been won if the right lineup was in place.

When looking at the importance of a lineup, it’s not so much as the strategic aspect that matters, such as righty lefty or certain players hitting better off certain pitchers…it’s about setting the mentality for the players on that day. So when the lineup in August created a 10+ game win streak…the players walk into the clubhouse knowing they can have confidence in that lineup, because they’ve won with it before. This is why the new playoff lineup, with a new #2 hitter, threw uncertainty into the mix among the players. They hadn’t won with that lineup before (Idk if they even played a game with that lineup before), so how can you have confidence in it walking into the game?

I was going to say it might be time to welcome Franconia back to Fenway, but he’s not an option right now. So if you want to win, maybe you should hire, idk, me. It is fair to say I knew the lineup better than both the coach and the GM. Farrell should be under more scrutiny out of those two positions but Dave…the Pomeranz deal made no sense to me, and you didn’t even make sure he was healthy. Plus, in my opinion, any GM for a team with as much rich history as the Red Sox should know that lefties (who arent Price) aren’t really the ideal fit for pitching half
of their games at Fenway. More excusable than Farrell’s lineup blunder, yet still inexcusable for Red Sox standards. Maybe you need a coach or GM who has multiple friends on the team…but where would you find that guy???

Additionally, and once again, ANYONE who questions the David Price deal or even spends an ounce of their time talking about the David Price deal is a moron. This deal WILL pay off, the real question is this…what did the Red Sox do to change his outlook during the post season, after spending $200+M KNOWING he struggled in the post season? Did you even address the issue and try to solve it? If not, why spend so much and not optimize your product? Once again, maybe you need the right person there…I could have sent a simple tweet to change his mindset before the game (but I didn’t because you don’t pay me). A tweet is ridiculous you say? Well it worked for Jake Arrieta (and that’s just because I wanted to see the Cubs win). He went from pitching like garbage in the NLCS, one motivational/shit-talk tweet later and he went 2-0 in the World Series, and was warming up like a damn bulldog in the last inning of Game 7. Check the timing of it, simple mental injections can and do make a big difference with top talent.

Very solid move getting Sale, he is exempt from the ‘Boston shouldn’t get average lefties’ rule.