Yankees Notes

First, I like the consistency of the lineup the first 4 games. It needed to change, but that consistency is positive, and definitely has an effect (mentally).

However, it was an average lineup at best. I like Girardi, just saying I put together a better lineup…which would currently be.

Ellsbury CF
Castro 2B
Holliday DH
Carter 1B
Judge RF
Headley 3B
Gardner LF
Romine C
Torreyes SS

- Ellsbury should undoubtedly be the leadoff batter. Career wise, he has a higher average and more stolen bases. That’s not why though…it’s because he fits the role perfectly, by look, experience, intimidation factor. As a starting pitcher, I wouldn’t feel like an immediate challenge was presented with Gardner, I would with Ellsbury. If it were a video game, the pitcher would get a +5 boost in confidence to start the game. Eliminate that with the speedy, talented veteran Ellsbury leading off. I’m sure Gardner is talented, but the word that describes him to me, from an opposing pitcher standpoint, would be grunt. Ellsbury’s descriptor would be clean-cut talent. Just saying, there’s two ways to start the game off for the opposing pitcher.

- Castro 2nd because he’s currently hitting, and he hits an appropriate amount of homeruns for a 2 hitter. Also, just fits the role.

- Holliday, no explanation needed.

- Carter. The strikeouts make you cringe…until you see 41 HR’s. Due to that, and the lack of experience Judge currently has, Carter lands 5th.

- Judge 5th because he’s currently hitting, and he is a talent who needs to be accelerated experience wise. Plus, he’s better than the rest of the hitters im about to list.

- Headley. Almost went Gardner here, because I think Headley’s intimidation factor is 0. However, his power slots him here, that’s the main reason (it also just fits).

- Gardner. Because he’s better than the next two guys.

- Romine. Because he’s too slow to bat 9th (obviously). Worst hitter in the lineup, want to see this Higashioka guy play. Still, veteran catching outweighs a slightly better hitter if Higashioka is one. If it’s only 4 weeks for Sanchez, it won’t be too bad.

- Torreyes. It would be nice if there were a better option (don’t think Kozma is it). There was one or two infielders in spring training who looked like they should have stayed on, in my opinion, but didn’t. Unless one of them is beasting in the minors, Torreyes is currently the best option. It’s a team appeal thing.

As far as Hicks, primary utility.


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