Yankees Notes

Clearly the end of the season showed a ton of promise, and most likely left you with a lot of money to play with. This season should be very good for the Yankees, if they spend their chips properly.

Will update more later after analysis

Mets Notes

Clearly goal #1 is to keep Yeonis Cespedes if you can.

Outfield: Granderson in center and Bruce in right are both solid locks. Ideally Cespedes in left, if not, Conforto would be alright, not optimal though.

Infield: Dave should be alright at 3rd. Personally, I like Reyes at short over Cabrera if he can play at the level he is capable of. Neil Walker is an obvious lock at second and Duda will do just fine at first. Kelly is a good utility guy because of his speed, so I’d keep him on the roster.

Catcher: This is the iffy position. Travis can’t come out and have the same season he had last year. He needs to be in the cage all offseason working on his hand wrapping motion, and fixing it. If it isn’t looking promising, then you may need to replace him, because as I said, you can’t have the same performance out of him again.

Starting Pitching: The starting 5 is stacked. Syndergaard, DeGrom, Matz, Harvey and Wheeler should be the top 5 in my eyes.

Relief Pitching: Closer is solid, obviously. Other than that the rest of the guys look alright, maybe add one more guy but it’s not the most pressing issue.


In summary, they need to keep Cespedes if they can. If they can’t, I’d first look to replace D’Arnaud before I replaced Conforto. Conforto can be the guy, if you give him an everyday role, but it’s not a lock. So, in order.

1. Keep Cespedes.

2. If you don’t, first replace D’Arnaud.

3. Replace Conforto after getting a catcher.

4. Add some bullpen depth.

That’s it, as long as they stay healthy this is definitely a winning team.

Boston Red Sox Notes

I think the Red Sox have two issues. The first is replacing Papi, and the second is managerial.

For the last two months of the season, the Red Sox were on a roll, they had a double digit win streak. The key to this streak was their lineup, so why a manager suddenly decided to change it come postseason…blows my mind. No offense John Farrell, but that move made me think you aren’t right for the job.

I never thought much of Brock Holt, and still don’t, so batting him second for the postseason, and swtching up an unbeatable lineup (the one they streaked with) is kind of unforgivable in my mind. The point is, whoever made that call to change that perfect lineup needs to either be sat down and have a stern talk, or needs to be fired. It simply shows that whoever made that decision doesn’t know what they’re doing.

The next issue is replacing DH, and Yeonis Cespedes seems like a perfect candidate, if you have the money for him. If not, Encarnacion would do fine as well.

And yes, David Price could have pitched much better in the postseason. However, the series still could have been won if the right lineup was in place.

When looking at the importance of a lineup, it’s not so much as the strategic aspect that matters, such as righty lefty or certain players hitting better off certain pitchers…it’s about setting the mentality for the players on that day. So when the lineup in August created a 10+ game win streak…the players walk into the clubhouse knowing they can have confidence in that lineup, because they’ve won with it before. This is why the new playoff lineup, with a new #2 hitter, threw uncertainty into the mix among the players. They hadn’t won with that lineup before (Idk if they even played a game with that lineup before), so how can you have confidence in it walking into the game?

Detroit Tigers Notes

Here’s what the Tigers should do…

1. Don’t trade Miggy

2. Don’t trade Kinsler

3. Replace Collins, he isn’t a big league outfielder

There’s no need to sell off or restructure the organization. If Upton started performing early in the season like he did later on, then you would have been in the playoffs. Therefore there is no need to readjust.

All that’s needed is to replace Collins, maybe add a starting pitcher or two…and strengthen the bullpen. The season came down to Upton performing, which was unfortunately late.

Furthermore, I believe Upton needs to be, ideally, batting behind Miggy. Worst case, batting 5th. He put up MVP numbers in the last month and a half, maybe its time to start treating him as such.

I get that you saw what the Yankees did and want to cut payroll and win more games…but that formula doesn’t work for everyone. They had older guys who needed to go, this is not the case with the Tigers, all their older guys still perform like they need to, therefore the same strategy doesn’t apply.

Verlander is the only guy who I’m not saying to 100% keep. Losing him wouldn’t be as big of a loss as Miggy, JD or Kinsler. I only say this because he doesn’t seem as into it after signing his deal. This attitude can be changed if someone has the balls to address it with him.

Not only is Collins not good enough, he also doesn’t fit into the personality of the team.



The Tigers can upgrade in a few areas. The first and only necessary one is centerfield. If Dexter Fowler is available, get him. Not sure if BJ, or Melvin, is available, but if the reason they don’t play well together is addressed, maybe they can overcome it. Bottom line, adding a centerfielder is absolutely essential. Justin and Dexter are friends, so that would be a good fit.

Another issue they need to realize, and why they shouldn’t sell anyone off, is that all their high salaried players are earning their paychecks…this wasn’t the case for the Yankees, and that’s why they shouldn’t follow the same philosophy.

Additionally, they could upgrade their catching situation. Both guys are so-so, so if it’s done it needs to be a horse, not an average guy like they currently have.

Once again, a starter or two and strengthening the bullpen are the only other aspects they need to cover. You paid big money last year because you wanted to win, and you were ONE game off, don’t give up now.


UPDATE: JD Martinez

Here is my response in short.

Why would any team want to trade JD Martinez? Especially the Tigers, a team he already fits in well with. They don’t have the center fielder you need to make the trade worthwhile. I’m assuming it’s a budget minded move, still, don’t do it unless you don’t have a choice.